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So.... Do we have a resolution changer ?

Hi do you mean during runtime? You can change the resolution in the game launcher :)

In mac when i try to open it it says that it can't be opened, help


why is this a .rar file? those files don't even work. can you make it in a working file format?


yes, they do work. all you need is WinRAR. download it here: (select the version that matches your operating system: 64 bit, 32 bit, etc.)

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I've recently tried playing this game. I didn't read anything before downloading as my friend found it for me, and, as a game creator I know says, "assume the player doesn't read anything and is an idiot."

That being said, here are my problems:

  •  I didn't know how to find metal shards. That's the only part of the survival I had difficulty with and it seems to be an important one.
  • I felt like you had to get too close to items to hit them.
    • I understand that you want me to actually hit it, but I felt like I was jamming my face into them in order to hit them.
  • Not only that, but I was unable to climb the stairs in the houses I came across. 
  • My death when I tried swimming was surprising.
    • I feel like you should give it a green tinge to make it look toxic or actually let us swim.

It also took about a second for my character to turn when I moved my mouse, although that may have been me putting my graphics settings too high.

Thank you for great critique ! There's patch coming soon I'll be fixing some of the things you mentioned :)

Hello pogy , the game starts , the menu shows but ... , when i click play it shows me oficial server eu online and i clicked it and it says connecting , then it says conection failed , why it isn't let me ? please answer and fix it please it seems a beautiful game !

Hi, thank you for playing ! I'm sorry but the official server will be down for a couple of days because of technical difficulties but feel free to create your own ! Just simply choose "Create a server" in menu and play with your friends ! 

All right, I downloaded the game, I have winrar to do the thing, but just to say, by seeing the comments, I love how pogy responds to people.

good game but this game seems need some optimization because my game lag very hard. so what is the recommended system requritments to play this game?

Hi, thanks for playing! Yes sure thing there is a new update coming with a few optimizations. And pc specs ? Well just don't play it on Intel HD graphics it'll lag as hell :D

BOI! I play it on Intel Pentium 4       XD
IDK how i manage to still able to open it

Great game, but I can't figure out how to pick up items?

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Thank you ! You can interact with objects by pressing "E"

Hey, Microsoft Office doesn't work with me for some reason, it lets me download it but not play, and this game looks really cool. Can you make it into a .zip file?

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Hi, thanks ! Please just simply download WinRAR here

Can it run in 32bit computer??



Hey pogy, this game looks like a lot of fun, BUT the should-be executable for the MacOS app is not a binary executable, but a encrypted text file. I spent all morning downloading the game and it looks like a lot of fun. Lastly, thanks so much for making this game co-op, very few games these days support co-op.

Hi, thank you really much for your feedback, but I'm not quite sure what's your problem ".app" file types for MacOS should be something like ".exe" type for Windows so there shouldn't be any problem running it, you're sure you have downloaded right version for your os ?


Sorry I did not make it clear but I am using MacOS and downloaded the MacOS version of the game. The issue is with the file "badlands" in the "/Contents/MacOS" folder of the Badlands app. The file should be a executable file for the Mac operating system, but rather than being executable it is just a text file.

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Thanks, I'll try to solve it asap. I'll let you know soon...


Thanks Pogy, your the best, can't wait to play!


Hey pogy, how's it coming, I have been waiting for a whole month.

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does anyone still play this ?

So... Anyone know a server I can play on?

Hi, i'm sorry but there are no offifical servers yet

no to be mean or anything this looks like unturned like the boxes and evrything

OK, that's completely normal. The game'll become diffrent in future updates  ;)

Hey guys Badlands openbeta is now available for download! Be sure to check it out!!

Gonna give this game a shot and see what it is like, but one thing that i think should be changed is the red text on the gray background on this page. It is rather unreadable.

Good game, please Keep up with this beautiful work

- Sorry Google Traslation 

Thank you appreciate it :)

anyone know a server i can join

Hi, there will be some official servers that you can join when the new 1.5 version comes out in a few days. Stay tuned ! :)

I can't play this because i haven't a "code"

required in multiplayer ID


Dude, check the game description

Cars < Check out new badlands cars feature!

does anyone have a server i can join

does anyone know the multiplayer id????????

You can find it at game description :)

Awesome game. Im really looking foward to updats

Thanks! There is a big update coming next week, I've been working over a month on it ;)