Dry Grass UPDATE

Badlands update is out!


  • Modular building system optimized (Unwanted rigidbodies removed)
  • Optimized spawners (foreach moved to custom boolean)
  • No cursor after death bug fixed
  • Crosshair showing when holding gun fixed
  • Fixed network errors with Get in/out of car intercation
  • Fixed network error with player list (list was not always showing all players)
  • Fixed animals network error
  • Fixed barrier door intercations
  • Wood fence, gate added interactions (breaking, burning)
  • Car will now fit through the Fence gate
  • Tornado added
  • Smoother network shared animations (animals, doors, player legs)
  • New modular building upgrade (bricks)
  • New modular part added (wood pillar, can be used for placing ceilings on it)
  • Improved building system raycasting
  • Forge added
  • New items (Reed Plant, Dirt, Dirt Brick, Cement, Bucket, Trowel, Shovel, Dirt brick mix)
  • New particles
  • Dirt gather piles added (can be found around the map)
  • Sleeping beds added (when placed you have option to spawn at its position)
  • AI pathfinding added to all Ais
  • Added 2 new engine types for car construction
  • Wood pillar added to modular building
  • Added player armors (Metal & Wood)
  • Added miner's helmet
  • Big texture and models changes
  • Modular building parts repairing system (unstable = planks, rope upgrade = planks + rope, nails upgrade = planks + nails, hardwood upgrade = wood log, bricks upgrade = bricks + cement)


badlands lin 643 MB
Oct 10, 2019
badlands mac 642 MB
Oct 10, 2019
badlands win 641 MB
Oct 10, 2019

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