Dry Grass PATCH

Badlands is out!


  • Tree respawning (a sapling is spawned once the tree us cut down)
  • Stairs building position fixed
  • Gas can crafting receipt
  • Animal fat item added
  • More metal fragments are spawned from rocks
  • Improved item placing and stacking in inventory
  • Large wood fence and gate structures added
  • Slower hunger decrease
  • Vechicle spawn limit (every map can now spawn up to 5 vechicles)
  • Vechicle rusting (car will start rusting after some time and loosing HP and it will eventually despawn, you can stop rusting by fixing it up with hammer and metal sheets)
  • Crouching system
  • New weapons snimations and recoil


Badlands Windows 383 MB
Apr 07, 2019
Badlands Linux 384 MB
Apr 07, 2019
Badlands Mac 384 MB
Apr 07, 2019

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