Dry Grass PATCH

Guys thank you for amazing support ! Servers crashed two times due to the huge player traffic on them :D haha, I'll be releasing a new bug fix patch because a lot of glitches appeared recently and they are fixed now, currently there's no build available to download but please stand by I'm working on it. Soon there will be new version available to download !

Badlands patch notes

  • Supply ship will now respawn every 4000 seconds (1 hour and 6 minutes) and will only work if there are 3 players on server
  • Fixed bug with GasTank item in storage (if you were to put full gastank to storage it will get empty)
  • Longer campfire burnout time (1 wood level takes 30 seconds to burn now, previously it was 10 seconds)
  • New campfire sound effects (adding wood)
  • You can now create a server without joining on one first (previously you had to join on existing server in order to create your own one)
  • Lowered starving damage (now you have in total 3 minutes and 20 seconds to eat something when you start starving or you'll die)
  • Added missing colliders in "ToughGuns" store
  • Fixed car chat bug (previously if you opened a chat while sitting in a car and close it with enter you were unable to move with your camera)
  • Removed color from GUI button in OnYourOwn guide
  • Fixed bug with door building not snapping of

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