Badlands 1.1.5 UPDATE

Badlands 1.1.5 just came out ! Lots of new things were added and improved see the list below !


  • New weapon animations and sounds
  • Storage box system
  • New bow, arrow item + bow combat system
  • New vechicles (4 seat car, 6 seat vans)
  • New animals (does, wolves)
  • New customizable player skin
  • New spply ship model & system (ship sailor will now kill you if you try to get on the ship) New ship model
  • New supply crates (based on storage system)
  • Updated player controller (falling damage, fixed wall climbing bug)
  • If you throw full gastank to campfire it will blow
  • You can now ignite campfire with torch
  • You can ignite players, animals and wood structures with torch
  • New modular building objects added (chair, storagebox)
  • New building securing with ropes (makes structure only half stable)
  • New bomb planting on cars (bomb can be crafted and placed underneath the car)
  • A few map changes (new rocks, palms, decoration objects)
  • New crafting layout
  • New player dressing in inventory
  • Totaly new OnYourOwn guide book (you can now really learn how to play the game correctly)OnYourOwn guidebook
  • New ambient background music added
  • Christmas tree (only spawns on 24th of december and will despawn by 27th)
  • New player hitboxes (head, torso and limbs) Hitboxes
  • New improved networking system (now you have a server browser, game version check, headless server mode) 


Badlands Windows (64-bit).rar 376 MB
Dec 05, 2018

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